Great service and very fast responses!
Devin S
Amazing, amazing, amazing! Marie knows her stuff and has the most up to date equipment and great techs. As a real estate professional I can’t afford not to have the very best. Highly recommend!!!!!
Kathleen Sickeler
I have used Cutcliff for my clients' radon testing for over a year and have found them to be very consistent in their professionalism and responsiveness. I am confident in their results as they are actual experts in the field and use the newest technology.
john kroening
Very prompt and professional. Would use them again.
Doug Kendrick
I highly recommend using Cutcliff Radon Services. Very professional, easy to work with and very informative.
Tiffany Takahashi
I employed Cutcliff for Radon testing in a home I am purchasing. They got back to me very quickly. They were professional and efficient. I was able to get my future home tested in a timely manner and the report was easy to read. They made themselves available for questions (I didn't have any). I would definitely recommend them to others.
Eleni Antzoulatos
Cutcliff Radon Services has done an excellent job for us. They are very quick to respond to emails and phone calls. I was surprised at how quickly they were able to fit us in for a radon test. They were extremely thorough and made sure we understood what the results of our test meant. I look forward to using their services in the future should the need arise.
Krista Phillips
Cutliff was easy to work with, responsive, and friendly. They were able to schedule a radon test on less than 24 hours notice to help me meet a due diligence deadline. Marie was quick to answer my questions, and they provided a detailed and easy-to-understand report.
So glad I called Cutcliff Radon Services. Marie responded promptly and was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.
Louise LaRue
They were very responsive and prompt! I highly recommend!
Nicolas Bonnaig
Marie did Radon reading for me twice. Very professional and works with best time for homeowner.
Sandra Mason
Great service and very fast responses!
Devin Suzal
We use Marie for a lot of our post Mitigation radon testing. She is responsive, dependable, and communicates well. Remember that a diagnostic tool like a sniffer or a device bought off the internet doesn’t take the place of a Certified Radon Test.
James Fraley
We use Marie for a majority of our post radon mitigation testing. Marie is very professional and responsive to work with. Marie is Certified in Radon Measurement. Remember, when hiring for radon testing, always hire a Certified Professional!
Kim Mason
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