How it Works

At Cutcliff Radon, we use the Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitor models 1027, 1028 and 1029. These monitors provide hourly readings, allowing the detection of tampering if it occurs during testing. They are calibrated annually, have battery back-up, and provide an overall average as well as an EPA average. The EPA recommends mitigating homes with an average of 4 pico Curies per liter (4pCi/L) or higher.

By using continuous radon monitors, only one testing period is required to accurately determine the levels of radon that exist in your home. After scheduling an appointment, we will place one of our monitors in the appropriate space in your home. Once the test has begu, a 48-hour period is required for it to remain undisturbed. We will then return to pick the monitor up and our client will receive their test results within 24 hours.

How to prepare your home for testing


During the testing period and for 12 hours prior to it, your home should be under “closed house conditions”. All this means is:

  • All windows must be kept closed and all doors must be kept closed except for brief periods of entry and exit
  • Heating and air conditioning should operate normally (HVAC operating normally with the fan on “auto”)
  • Dryers, range hoods, and bathroom fans may be operated normally but not continuously
  • Attic fans, whole house fans, and window fans should not be operated (window air conditioners should be on “recirculate”)
  • Fire place and wood stoves should not be used
  • If there is a mitigation system installed, it must have been operating continuously for at least 24 hours prior to the test and during the testing period